29-year-old Ronald Homer fell 65 feet at Turner Field, home of the Braves, in Atlanta, Georgia Monday night and died of his injuries at the Atlanta Medical Center. The Atlanta Police Department does not suspect foul play and the case is most likely an accident. It is unclear at this time if alcohol was a factor in the accident. An autopsy will be performed on Tuesday.

The statement from the Atlanta Police Department said that on Monday night, August 12, 2013, a male fell from the upper level platform to a secured parking lot at 8:55 pm. Homer fell from the backside of the stadium in Section 413 and across from the concession stand. He fell over the railing in a stairwell overlooking the walkway the players use to access the parking lot. Rumors that he was running away from security are not supported by the police.

Homer was at Turner Field for a game between the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies. The game had been delayed for two hours due to rain. Following the fall, he was taken to Atlanta Medical Center where he passed away from his injuries. Police spokesperson John Chafee said it is not clear whether Homer fell due to the rainy conditions or due to intoxication.

Connie Homer, Ronald Homer’s mother, described him as a Braves fan. She does not believe the accident was caused by intoxication. She described her son as someone who would not spend a lot of money on beer at a game.

An ongoing investigation includes interviews conducted by police with witnesses at the scene and the pending autopsy report from the medical examiner in Fulton County.

This is not the first fall at a sports event in Georgia. In August of 2012, 20-year-old Isaac Grubb, from Tennessee, fell 45 feet at the Georgia Dome while watching the North Carolina and Tennessee college football game. Alcohol was a factor in that case. In September of 2012, a male fell 25 feet from a staircase at Georgia Tech-Miami; he did not sustain serious injuries. In another case, a 25-year-old male fell from a stairwell at Turner Field at a New York Mets and Braves game; he died from his injuries, and alcohol was a factor in the case.

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