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Local police have announced a $25,000 dollar reward for information leading to the arrest of a hit and run driver who struck and seriously injured a bicyclist last month in Griffith Park.

According to accident records from the California Highway Patrol, the collision took place shortly before noon on Sunday, February 17th, in the westbound lanes of Zoo Drive towards the 5 Freeway, where Los Angeles resident Damian Kevitt was on his bike. While riding past stopped taffic, a minivan made a sudden left turn and crashed into Kevitt, knocking him from his bike, and catching him in the undercarriage of the van itself.

The driver of the van then accelerated away from the scene, dragging Kevitt more than 600 feet before he finally came loose. He suffered numerous broken bones as a result of the ordeal, along with severe road rash on his chest and back and the amputation of one of his legs below the knee.

The minivan, described as an older, grey Toyota Sienna with a “for sign” sale posted in the rear window, was last seen fleeing the scene on the southbound lanes of the freeway. Since the crash, the CHP have been working hard to locate the driver, and are asking anyone who saw the crash or has any information about the driver of the minivan to contact them immediately.

With a financial incentive added to their plea for aid, the CHP is hopeful that information will finally be delivered that can help bring the hit and run driver to justice, giving a sense of closure to Kevitt, who remains in the hospital for the treatment of his extensive injuries.

As a driver, it is essential that you understand your surroundings, not just looking out for vehicles but pedestrians, motorcyclists and bikers as well. Even a minimal collision to an automobile could spell life altering damages to a walker or rider.

If you or someone you know has been hurt in a crash such as this, there are legal protections in place that can help you recover. With the help of a skilled Los Angeles car accident lawyer, compensation can be awarded from those at fault to help pay for the expenses incurred in your accident, like medical bills or even wages lost from time spent away from work.

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