Have you ever wondered how insurance companies come up with your rates? Even if you only purchase a policy that covers the CA minimum auto insurance standards, these factors add up. Here’s what you need to know:

Factors Based on You the Driver

Accidents, speeding tickets or other citations indicate higher risks. Insurance providers raise rates if it seems like you might engage in behavior that would result in a claim. Your age, gender, occupation and driving experience all correlate with the types of behavior you engage in and consequently the risk you represent.

Factors Based on Your Vehicle

The cost of repairs or damages often depends on the type of vehicle you drive. A flashy sports car will most likely cost more than an older minivan.

Extra safety or security systems, such as alarm and anti theft devices, supplemental restraint and accident avoidance systems, might mitigate some risks.

Factors Based on the Environment

If you live in an area with terrible roads, congestion or high crime, expect your rates to be higher. The length of your commute also plays a role in your premium’s price. If you spend a lot of time driving it increases the risk of an accident.

Factors Based on Your Policy Choices and Features

CA auto liability insurance meets the minimum legal requirements to operate your vehicle, but most experts argue that base coverage is inadequate. Policyholders are encouraged to voluntarily increase their coverage options with additional products, such as comprehensive and collision insurance, uninsured motorist and gap insurance, to adequately protect their assets.

When Litigation Becomes a Factor

Auto insurance in California is a necessary expense. This financial product reduces the costs of litigation and guarantees that consumers will have access to repairs and medical services when they need them, but sometimes things still go wrong.

A provider might refuse to pay a claim or argue that the amount of the claim is too high. When you are suffering from an accident and need medical expenses paid, allow a skilled attorney to negotiate your settlement for you.


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