Two drivers were killed after a high speed collision resulting in a ball of fire early Saturday morning in Folsom.

According to officers who responded to the scene, the accident took place just before 12:30 a.m. in the westbound lanes of Folsom Lake Crossing, just west of Natoma Street, where a BMW SUV traveling eastbound at very high speeds lost control and swerved into oncoming lanes.

Once inside the westbound side of the road, the BMW smashed head on into a small Honda Civic. By the time emergency personnel arrived on the scene, the accident had already become a major fireball, with the BMW completely engulfed in flames.

The driver of the small sedan, 28 year old Stephen Schwartz, a resident of Orangevale, was pronounced dead immediately upon the arrival of police and fire crews. Ambulance crews attempted to save the BMW driver on site, but where ultimately unsuccessful. There were no others involved in the incident.

The accident forced the closure of both directions of the road as firefighters put out the flames and cleanup crews removed the charred remained from the road. Little remained of the white SUV, only a small portion of the rear end held the shape of what may have been a car. Everything else was reduced to a puddle of unrecognizable scrap.

“There is no reason to drive that fast out here,” said one local resident. “People think it’s fine to drive however fast they want, but when they do, things like this happen. I feel bad for the other driver, he shouldn’t have had to suffer for someone else’s dumb decision.”

The roadway remained closed for several hours, all the way into the daytime hours, as the debris from the two vehicles was a challenge to remove. All lanes were finally reopened in the afternoon.

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