The California Highway Patrol is on the search for a suspected drunk driver who crashed into an SUV and fled the scene early Thursday morning in San Diego.

According to police reports, the ordeal began at approximately 2:15 a.m., when CHP officers attempted to pull over a black BMW 328i sedan weaving in and out of the eastbound lanes of state-Route 94 near Interstate 805. The driver of the vehicle refused to yield to police, instead speeding onward before exiting the highway on Imperial Avenue.

After exiting the off-ramp, the BMW ran through a red light and crashed into an SUV carrying a mother, her 16 year old daughter, and her 10 year old son. The three were reportedly returning home from a church celebration for the Lady of Guadalupe. Fortunately, all three were unhurt in the crash.

The BMW meanwhile continued through the intersection until the driver exited the vehicle and started to run on foot. He was pursued with the assistance of the San Diego Police Department’s ABLE helicopter, though officers lost site of the driver when he ran into a group of trees.

A search throughout the area was eventually called off just after 3 a.m., with the driver remaining at large. Anyone with information about the driver is now being encouraged to contact the SDPD as soon as possible to assist with the ongoing investigation.

When driving late at night and in the early morning hours, it is important to continue to obey speed limits, stop signs, and all other rules of the road despite the fewer number of vehicles on the road. When speeds are increased and stop signs go ignored, the threat of accidents remains high, especially in combination with other drivers on the road also lessening their attention to safe driving.

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