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Don’t Let Serious Injury From an Accident Take Over Your Life

Our emotions and mental stability are precious things, and nothing destroys them like a serious injury caused by an accident that wasn’t even your fault. We can reduce the physical pain through surgeries and prescriptions, but nothing will stop us from remembering how our lives used to be so different, so much easier. And worse, our minds can keep going back to the trauma, reliving it over and over until we can feel almost paralyzed by the simplest tasks.

The US government estimates that 31 million Americans suffer an accident that causes injury every year. That’s an incredible figure, and it means that you aren’t alone. Let AA Accident Attorneys help you. We’ve got the experience and support structure to help you get compensated for what happened to you and get back on your feet.

What We Do

Our San Rafael personal injury and car accident lawyers have 40 years of experience working with people just like you who’ve been seriously injured due to any of the following:

Animal or pet attacks
Caretaker neglect or abuse
Medical or dental malpractice or negligence
Hazardous or unsafe work environments
• And additional injuries caused by accident situations not listed here

When you call, the first thing your San Rafael personal injury lawyers will do is meet you to discuss your case. We want you to feel comfortable and supported, so we’ll review your current condition, the facts surrounding your case, and what restitution and rights the San Rafael personal injury law can provide for you. Our advice will be 100% unbiased and open, that’s why there is NO FEE for this consultation. You’ll be free to make whatever decision you like on pursuing your case. If you do decide to work with AA Accident Attorneys, rest assured that you will ONLY BE BILLED IF WE WIN MONEY FOR YOU.

How We Earn You Money

Our lawyers will help you recover the compensation you deserve in the following areas:

• Punitive damages
• Payments for emotional distress, pain, and suffering
• Property repair or replacement costs
• Coverage for medical treatment and prescription medications
• Insurance deductibles and bills
• Damages for loss of income, wages, tips or salary
• Damages for impacts on your lifestyle and family relationships
• Coverage of household maintenance and upkeep expenses
• And many other areas

Getting Your Life Back

Our goal is to help you get back on your feet by taking away the worry and stress over your future. San Rafael’s car accident and personal injury lawyers are experts with a 98% success rate for our clients. We’ve won millions for people just like you, and we’d love to give you that same peace of mind you deserve so you can get your life back on track.

So don’t wait! Call your San Rafael personal injury lawyers today at 1.800.260.2577 to set up a free consultation!