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personal-injuryIn our every day lives we experience different tragedies, some accidents may seem minor on the surface, but are more stressful than we can imagine.

The last thing you need to worry about is if your rights are being protected. A personal injury lawyer can make all the difference.

Each accident that someone experiences is different. Some are covered by insurance, others are instant settlements. However, with all injury cases, there are limitations. The law has in place a set of rules that make it unable for you to file a claim after a specific about of time. Each limitation is different, but some are as short as 30 days from the date of incident. Bottom line, you need you contact an injury lawyer right away to make sure you get the maximum amount of money.

Personal accidents lawyers are there to help you solve the situation and take the stress away, Our injury lawyers get you to doctors, help you bills get paid, and most importantly, make sure you’re on the road to a speedy recovering with minimal wages lost. We have collected MILLIONS for our clients, and carry a 98% success rate coupled with over 20yrs experience.

Some of what are injury lawyers do:  

• Replacement benefits for income, especially if you become disabled after the accident. This is normally a weekly income that usually starts one week after the injury.
• Caregiver benefits, this is mostly given to the dependants of the victim, the ones who are taking care of the injured person.
• The non-earner – these are benefits that are given to people who did not have a salary before the accident, but are now in a position where they are unable to continue with the day’s activities.
• Rehabilitation and the medical benefits. Paying medical bills
• House maintenance benefits.
• There are several other benefits for family members that include: travel, meals, mileage, accommodation, and more!

There is no specific amount of compensation; the compensation depends on some factors

• The extent of the injury
• The economic damages (bills and the wages that have been lost)
• The period of recovery time needed
• The pain and the suffering that you have undergone.

The amount will depend on the extent of the above factors. 

The victims do not have to worry about filling anything. Our injury lawyer will act on behalf of their clients and handle everything for them. They legally represent them in claiming their benefits. The personal injury lawyer has the knowledge and the experience

Though lawyers are trained in different fields, an accident lawyer can handle the case that lie within tort law, this is only limited to personal injuries, accidents, and medical mistakes or any other area that is related to personal injury. They have numerous responsibilities in regard to their clients. These are mostly the rules that are set forth by the state where they are licensed.

When choosing a personal injury lawyer have one that owes you the loyalty and the confidentiality that you deserve!

We have offices throughout California and represent the entire state. Please call 1-800-260-2577 today for assistance. We’re available 24/7!
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