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boatingPaul E. Lee has experience in handling Boat Accident cases. If you or someone you know has been affected in the state of by an Boat Accident, we can help.

California’s waterways are spectacular and boating is a great way to enjoy our rivers lakes and beaches. However, operators of boats, just like operators of cars, have a legal obligation to operate their watercraft in a safe manner. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of boating accidents are caused by factors that can be controlled by the operator of the boat. The most common accident/injuries involve collisions with other boats and slip and falls on the boat.

It is interesting that the primary cause of boating accidents nationwide was operator inattention, followed by careless/reckless operation, operator inexperience, operating at an unsafe speed, and failure to have a proper lookout.

Law requires boat operators to handle their watercraft in a safe and careful manner. Therefore, if a boat operator drives too fast for conditions and collides with another boat or object and someone gets hurt, the injured party may be entitled to sue and collect damages. Just as in a vehicle drinking alcoholic beverages while operating a watercraft will usually result in some legal problems with the law of an injured party. Drinking and boating is very dangerous. In fact, the U.S. Coast Guard estimates that boat operators with a blood alcohol concentration above .10 are more than 10 times as likely to be killed in a boating accident than those with a blood alcohol level of zero.

Over seventy million Americans enjoy recreational boating each year. Annual boat registrations have increased steadily from just over 10 million in 1988 to over 12.7 million in 2000. Last year, the Coast Guard received accident report data from the fifty states, five U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia for 701 recreational boating deaths – a record low. Boating fatalities have been decreasing since 1997 even though the number of boats in use continues to increase. (Data is from U.S.C.G.)

AA-Accident Attorneys, PLC legal professionals are experienced in handling boating cases inside the state of California, with offices located in Southern in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Kern, San Luis Obispo, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego counties…and in Northern in Alameda, Marin, Placer, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, as well as Nevada and Las Vegas.

If your case involves the Federal courts, AA-Accident Attorneys, PLC has handled many personal injury cases that involved Federal court rulings for defective products and dangerous drugs. Call us today at 800.260.2577.

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