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Long Beach Police Department’s Traffic Division conducted a sobriety checkpoint June 8 at 7th St and Federation Drive.

Over 2,000 vehicles were checked at the intersection. This was the seventh checkpoint conducted since the Long Beach Police Department received a grant to place officers at the checkpoints.

LBPD was able to check 525 of the 2,480 cars that passed through the intersection. In total the checkpoints have revealed 23 DUI arrests, 35 tickets for unlicensed driving, 36 tickets for driving with a suspended license and 24 towed cars.

There is a debate as to whether checkpoints are more cost effective than putting more officers on the streets.drunk driving

There are apps that can be put on the Smart Phone that will show drivers where the checkpoints are. There are games which mimic a field sobriety test also.

Driving under the influence causes a death once every 33 minutes.

Nationally, over 6,600 drivers are impaired and find themselves in accidents causing over 10,000 deaths.

Twenty one percent of drivers in fatal accidents have alcohol in their blood.

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Source: Long Beach Post