General Motors has announced two new recalls covering nearly 60,000 Chevrolet Malibu cars for wiring defects that could lead to heating and air conditioning issues or fires.

The first recall will affect 14,930 Malibu cars from the 2013 model year equipped with eight-way power front seat and passenger seat options, which may contain a faulty wiring harness. According to GM, the harness has the potential to wear against the seat’s frame, causing accelerated wearing through to the conductor of the harness which could lead to a short.

Such an electrical short could cause unintentional movement by the seats, sparks, flickering interior lights, melted wiring, smoke, or fire. To date, GM has received two reports of fires, though they were sparked in unattended vehicles and were extinguished on their own. No accidents or injuries have been reported.

To correct the defect, dealers will inspect the wiring harness and perform repairs that will prevent future wearing against the seat frame.

The second recall addresses heating, ventilation, and air conditioning controls that may not operate correctly in 44,406 2014 Malibu sedans. If the vehicle’s HVAC control is defective, the system will revert to the setting last selected when the vehicle was in use. “If that setting was not defrost mode,” says GM, “it cannot be selected and the driver may be unable to clear the windshield, which could lead to decreased visibility.”

Like the first recall issue, no accidents or injuries have been reported, though conditions like those highlighted by GM could cause significant distractions that lead to crashes. To correct the defect, dealerships will inspect the HVAC unit and reprogram it at no cost to owners.

Notices of both recalls are set to be delivered through the mail immediately. As a Chevrolet Malibu owner, if you receive a recall notice, you should respond as soon as possible and receive the free repairs to ensure that your vehicle continues to run as intended. By ignoring a recall notice, no matter how minor the issue may seem, you will expose yourself to the threat of accidents, even in normal driving conditions.

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