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Being involved in an auto collision can leave your head spinning. The ramifications are numerous, ranging from physical injury to a damaged vehicle to temporary or even permanent disability. And that’s not all: Your injuries may sideline you from the workforce, meaning you miss wages; at the same time, you could find yourself facing major medical bills, to say nothing of the cost of a new vehicle. In short, the aftermath of a vehicle accident can be truly disorienting, which is what makes it so important to contact an experienced Corona vehicle accident lawyer. That’s where AA Accident Attorneys comes in.

Our veteran Corona car accident attorneys are here to serve you, to fight for you, and to help you get the care and compensation you need. In short, we want to champion you during your hour of need; to fight any legal battles for you, allowing you to focus on making a full recovery.

If you are ever injured in Corona, California, we invite you to each out to our team of attorneys, and take the first step toward seeing justice served.

A History of Our Corona Vehicle Accident Lawyers

AA Accident Attorneys has been a leading Corona car accident lawyer firm for decades. We got our start thanks to Paul Lee, a former police officer and insurance industry attorney. While working for the insurers, he saw firsthand how badly vehicle accident claims are mishandled—and decided he wanted to be on the side of helping people. Thus, AA Accident Attorneys was born.

Today, we are proud to employ some of the most trusted car accident lawyers in Corona—dedicated professionals who are here to help individuals who have been in accidents. That’s one of the most important things we should note about our firm: We only represent those injured in accidents, never the big insurance companies.

There are some other things that set us apart, too—including:

These are just some of the things that make us the top vehicle accident attorneys in Corona. To learn more, or to schedule a consultation, contact our office today.

What Our Corona Car Accident Attorneys Can Do

When you’re in an accident, it can make your whole world seem topsy-turvy. Part of our job is to help you feel upright again, and to provide you with the steady legal guidance you need.

Additionally, we can help our clients in several ways:

It’s our honor to provide our expertise to individuals during their hour of need—and to that end, we can provide legal assistance in many different scenarios. In addition to car accidents and truck accidents, we also help with:

The bottom line: If you are ever injured in an accident and need an attorney who will fight hard on your behalf, we invite you to call us at AA Accident Attorneys at your first opportunity.

Our Tips: What to Do If You’re in a Car Accident

Finally, allow us to offer some quick guidelines about how you should act if you ever do find yourself in a car accident:

Our Corona car accident lawyers are proud to serve the needs of Corona, California, and beyond. To speak with an attorney, to arrange for a consultation, or simply to ask a question, we invite you to contact us today. You can reach AA Accident Attorneys at:

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