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brain-traumaPaul E. Lee has experience in handling Brain Injury cases. If you or someone you know has been affected by a Brain Injury, a brain injury lawyer is needed. We can help!

The brain is one of the most essential and complicated parts of the human body. As the center of the nervous system, the brain is responsible for every action that the body makes, both voluntary and involuntary; everything from movement, speech, thought, and internal bodily functions. Protecting this vital organ is therefore extremely important, and any damage that may be brought upon it can have long lasting effects that reverberate throughout the entire body.

Brain injuries, often referred to as Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) or intracranial injuries, are some of the most damaging injuries that can be inflicted on the body, and can come about from any number of different circumstances. Any event that violently rocks your head back and forth such as a car accident, blow to the head, or a fall, can rattle your brain around inside and against your skull and do long lasting damage. Other things like a shortness of oxygen, poisons or infections can also inflict irreversible damage.

Even seemingly insignificant damage to the brain can result in long lasting effects, even if the symptoms do not reveal themselves for months or years. Physical disabilities and paralysis are common, as are speech and movement problems and mental handicaps. Late onset effects like mental fatigue and narcolepsy can also appear which are often incorrectly believed to be unrelated. These kinds of damages can often take several years to mend, while some may never completely heal.

The treatment of traumatic brain injuries is a long and arduous process, often requiring numerous hospital visits and extensive rehabilitation. In some cases, victims must relearn to perform even the most basic bodily functions and motor skills like walking and talking. This can take several months, and even years before positive results are seen, and a full recovery may not even be attainable. The recovery process can also be incredibly expensive, with treatments costing tens of the thousands of dollars, well beyond what many people are able to cover on their own. Because of these high costs, those who have suffered injuries as a result of the negligence of others are encouraged to seek legal action.

Through the help of a highly trained brain injury lawyer, victims can receive the compensation they rightfully deserve to help them back onto their feet. The calculation of this compensation is a complicated process, as there are a number of factors that go into what victims can earn after a serious brain injury. Aside from the more obvious cost of medical bills, things like wages lost from time spent away from work, the loss of future earning potential, and pain and suffering can all be included into what is owed. Attempting to correctly value the compensation you are owed on your own is a serious challenge, and it is likely that you will sell yourself well short of what you rightfully deserve. Only by enlisting the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer can you be assured of recovering the full amount that you need.

At AA-Accident Attorneys, we can carefully explain your available options and work to get you back onto your feet. We will work with your doctors and insurance provider to get you the care you need while we tackle your case, and deliver results. Though taking legal action may seem like an unnecessary complication after a damaging accident, failing to do so will only work to increase your suffering and delay your recovery. By acting quickly, you can be assured of the highest chance for success.

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