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Accidents are traumatic and many victims don’t know what to do in the aftermath. There are so many things to focus on: Recovery, rehabilitation, and medical bills are just the beginning. Victims also have to deal with civil rights and legal issues. Don’t try and navigate these struggles on your own. Contact a top accident lawyer in Adelanto today at: 1.800.260.2577

Advice to Victims

Protect yourself and your loved ones by taking these steps after a car accident:

• Get medical attention immediately and then report the accident to the police. Keep in mind that you can’t always “feel” an injury after a car accident. Only a doctor can assess your condition and record finding that you can later use to file a claim. By seeing a doctor immediately, you’ll have a stronger case if you need to fight an insurer or go to court later.
• Don’t discuss the accident with other drivers or witnesses. Never admit fault: Let the police do their own investigation. Anything you say can affect the outcome of your case and could be used against you in court.
• Gather and maintain detailed records of all of your medical treatments and health care issues. You’ll need this documentation to make sure that you get fairly compensated for your injuries and suffering. Write down all contacts with doctors, physical therapists, and chiropractors. You should also start a file of medical bills and prescription receipts.
• Ask a trusted friend or relative to take pictures of your injuries after an accident. These photos can establish the extent of your injuries and help you win compensation.
• Contact the police and get a copy of their report. Errors in police reports create difficulties for victims later on, so it’s important to review the report to make sure of its accuracy.
• Contact an attorney in Adelanto with expertise in accidents as soon as possible. You’ll get expert advice throughout the entire process so that your rights are protected. Protecting your rights is one of the first steps in getting you the compensation you need and deserve.

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