Travel can be an immensely rewarding experience—especially when you share it with the people you love. There’s nothing like a family vacation to help you bond with the people you love most, and to forge some precious memories together. And with the holiday season approaching, many families are already gearing up for their next big adventure.

For all the perks of family travel, however, there can also be some risks—including safety concerns. Before you hit the road, brush up on some of these family safety guidelines.

Ensure Safety on Your Family Vacation


      1. Talk with your insurance company. Depending on the type of coverage you have, it might make sense to invest in some short-term travel insurance, which will help defray any emergency costs you accrue due to travel-related illness, injury, or mishap.


        1. Make copies of key documents. Your passport, visas, drivers’ licenses—make digital copies of all of these things, and save them in a cloud-based system where you can easily access them should the need arise. Bring along some printed copies, as well, and ask about a hotel safe where you can store them.


          1. Have a good data plan. Make sure you have a cellphone with Internet access at all times—and that means bringing along some extra chargers, having a good data plan, etc. You always want to be able to make a call, pull up Google Maps, or hail a ride sharing if need be.


            1. Know what to do in an Uber accident. Speaking of which, rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft can make your transportation needs much more manageable—but remember that accidents are possible any time you’re in a moving vehicle. Call an Uber accident lawyer if you’re injured.


              1. Use public transportation whenever you can. Generally speaking, trains and subways and trolleys are simply the safest way of getting around—and they’re affordable, too! Whenever it’s convenient, use them.


                1. Heed local warnings. If there are local warnings about high tides, strong winds, illness, or criminal activity, take those warnings seriously. Consider contacting a local travel agent or hotel concierge with any specific questions you might have.


                  1. Leave an itinerary with a friend, neighbor, or family member. Make sure there’s someone back home who knows generally where you and your family are supposed to be each day. Hopefully it won’t be necessary, but it’s always wise to have someone who can arrange emergency services as needed.


                    1. Have a separation plan. Should anyone in your party get separated from the group, choose a public location where you can meet and regroup. Also make sure everyone in your party knows each others’ cell phone numbers, including kids.


                      1. Declutter your bag or purse. Remove anything but the essentials. Why? Keeping your bag uncluttered will minimize the risk that you accidentally lose a credit card or cash.


                        1. Carry your money in a safe place. The ideal is to either wear a money pouch under your clothing, or at the very least keep your money in the front pocket of your pants, where it’s more accessible to you but less accessible to potential pickpockets.

                      These guidelines can help you ensure that everyone in your party remains as safe as possible on vacation, but remember: Travel is always unpredictable, and it’s important to be ready for anything. Having an honest conversation about potential issues—and solutions—is highly advisable. Talk with your family now about how you can work together to ensure a safe and fun vacation!