A 7 year old boy was fatally struck and killed by a fishing boat attempting to dock Sunday afternoon at Pepper Park in National City.

According to a spokeswoman from the Port of San Diego, the 20-foot fishing boat was making a return trip from a day of fishing just before 2 p.m. to the dock at Pepper Park at 3299 Tidelands Avenue, complete with its crew of three men and the young boy.

During the attempted docking, one of the men, the young boy’s father, jumped out of the boat and into the water, and the boy followed shortly thereafter. It is unclear at this time whether the boy jumped in or if he fell.

Unaware of the boy in the water, the boat’s operator then accidentally struck the boy. Emergency personnel were immediately called to the scene and the boy was taken to nearby Rady Children’s Hospital, where, despite their best efforts, the boy was pronounced dead.

At this time it appears that there was no foul play or influence of any illegal substances in the accident, and the boat’s operator will likely not face any criminal charges. “It was just an unfortunate accident” said the Port spokeswoman.

The San Diego Harbor Police took custody of the boat in for a thorough examination to determine where exactly the boy was struck, and if any kind of malfunction happened on the boat during the accident.

Navigating a vessel of such a size is a complicated procedure, and it is important to have full information about what may be in and around the water. Even a task as seemingly simple as docking a boat can be a dangerous and life threatening incident if proper care is not given at all times.

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