Lakewood, CA – A Lakewood woman was charged Monday for her role in a driving while drunk crash that caused the death of a man in Long Beach. According to prosecutors, the woman had been driving her 2000 Dodge Caravan traveling westbound on Del Amo Boulevard when it struck the back of a 1996 Honda Accord near the intersection of Locust Avenue. The Accord was pushed forward and sideswiped a parked vehicle before hitting the victim and another pedestrian as well as another car. The woman was identified as Charlette Anne Colton. Colton now faces multiple felony counts of murder, gross vehicular manslaughter and 3 other criminal charges in the death of 61-year-old pedestrian Bryan Bogan, who died 11 days after the March 24 collision. The other pedestrian was identified only as a 71-year old man from Torrance who suffered with a crushed leg following the crash. Colton had fled on foot following the collision and was later apprehended by police not far from the crash site. Colton was previously convicted for a DUI case in 2012. Prosecutors said Colton had a blood alcohol concentration of at least .20% — more than two times the legal limit — at the time of the deadly collision. Colton faces up to life in a state prison if convicted on all charges. Anyone with information can reach Detective S. Loughlin of the Long Beach Police Department at 562-570-7355.

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