Litigators are probably the members of the legal community that the public identifies most with and feels they understand best, and they are certainly a niche that is prone to easy dramatization. What many people don’t realize, though, is that litigation is about more than just high profile corporate lawsuits and criminal defense. In fact, many if not most cases are civil suits that are related to personal injury in some way or another. For attorneys that choose this path, there are often compelling reasons that range from the ability to help clients to the variety of cases that they might encounter.

What Kinds of Cases do Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

One of the more popular niches that personal injury lawyers tend to occupy is auto accident litigation, because there are tens of thousands of collisions in the U.S. each year, and many of them involve more than two parties. That’s far from the only kind of injury, though. Workplace injuries and compensation claims also make up a large number of cases, as do accidents in the home or in public places like stores and entertainment venues. If someone is injured due to the actions or the negligence of another person, then personal injury lawyers are there to handle it.

How to Succeed in the Career

Successful personal injury attorneys are well-prepared professionals who focus on their clients’ needs and plan ahead to anticipate the weaknesses in their own cases. This is done by knowing as much as possible about the case from day one, and accomplishing that goal means listening to your client thoroughly and completely. Listening starts with returning phone calls promptly and communicating well through other means so that your clients know what to expect. It also means developing out your questions for depositions and preparing to deal with them at a moment’s notice when your own client is deposed.

To sum it up, being successful means being the better lawyer. It sounds like hard advice to follow, but if you look past confidence issues and really ask what makes for excellence within the profession, the path is easy to find. Preparedness, organization, research, knowledge, and a clear plan of attack all make you appear stronger to the court and to your opponent, and once you have gained that trust and respect, you have the upper hand while making your arguments.


Personal injury attorneys make up a large cross-section of the legal sector, and due to the nature of the work, they are almost always in demand, which can make this an attractive niche for law students. Litigation is challenging, though, and it requires the right mindset and organizational strategy, so if you choose it, you need to know what it takes to succeed from day one. That way, you can get the results your clients need.