Whiplash is a common term used to describe a severe injury to the neck bones, ligaments and muscles. Caused by a sudden forward and backward movement of the head, the force tears apart the connecting tissues woven through the structure of the spine.

It’s a common condition following auto accidents, sports injuries and physical assault. Left untreated, victims often suffer from chronic pain and other debilitating cognitive ailments.

What Are the Symptoms of Severe Whiplash?

Have you ever woken up with a kink in your neck? You can treat sore muscles, and the discomfort goes away after a few hours. Whiplash remains indefinitely as a constant irritant, no matter how many hotpads you use.

Sometimes the pain is unbearable. Victims report chronic headaches and neck pain that lasts for years. The pain might even travel down to the lower back and through the arms. If the pain does recede for a little while, it often returns just as intense as before. Whiplash victims might also experience dizziness, exhaustion, weakness in the limbs, blurred vision and difficulty concentrating or sleeping.  

Patients often dismiss milder symptoms, confusing them for regular body aches and pains.

How Long Does It Take to Feel the Effects of Whiplash?

Accident victims often fail to report this injury because the symptoms do not manifest themselves right away. Though the damage to the body occurs at the moment of the incident, pain and discomfort may not be felt for hours, days or even weeks later.

In severe whiplash cases, symptoms typically intensify within the first twelve hours. With the accident or source of trauma already resolved, victims might not associate their symptoms with a severe medical condition. If you’ve been in an auto accident, seek medical attention within 24 hours, even if you feel fine initially.

Waiting also makes it more difficult to secure funding from insurance companies for your medical expenses. If you’ve discovered you have whiplash from an old auto accident, contact an experienced auto accident attorney for help negotiating your accident claim.

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