About 70 people gathered on Monday night to share a valentine with Mara Steves, who was killed at a Laguna Niguel intersection one year ago by a drunk driver.

The weather did not cooperate for the vigil, with strong winds and rain making it tough to keep the candles lit, but Steves’ friends and family suffered through it.

The vigil recalled Steves’ passion for volunteering and helping others. She worked as the PTA president, volunteer, homeowners association president and was first and foremost a mother to her two teenaged children.

Steves died on the morning of February 13, 2011 when she was standing on the corner of Moulton Parkway and Nueva Vista Drive, looking for the owner of a loose dog. In a split second, a driver under the influence of alcohol and drugs ran a red light, hit another car and hurtled onto the sidewalk where it hit the 48-year-old mother.

The driver of the vehicle, Adam Harrison Hall of Placentia, was arrested for driving under the influence, forging a prescription and murder. According to prosecutors, Hall was under the influence of methamphetamine, morphine, painkillers, muscle relaxers and alcohol.

Her children still attend their high school for the arts, where several fundraisers have been held to raise money for the family. Her husband, John Steves, had to cope with the loss on Sunday, which would have been the couple’s 22nd wedding anniversary.

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