A man was trapped under the wreckage of his car after a hit and run accident Wednesday night in Pleasant Hill.

According to local police reports, the accident took place at about 9:43 p.m. at the intersection of Paso Nogal Road and Norse Drive, where accident responders arrived on the scene to find an overturned silver Subaru Outback SUV with its 18 year old driver stuck inside.

Officers were able to pull the driver from the wreckage, and he was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for cuts and bruises, though nothing appeared to be life threatening. No one else was injured in the crash.

Upon their initial investigation into the accident, it was discovered by police that another vehicle was involved, a red Pontiac Fiero, which had fled from the scene after the collision.

At this time there is no word about what may have caused the accident, though the vehicle that fled appears to have been at fault. Police closed down the intersection for multiple hours as they worked to rescue the trapped driver and look for anything that may help reconstruct the details of the crash.

A damaged vehicle matching the police description was found later in the night on Center Avenue in Martinez, and the driver, 54 year old Rockwood Sizemore, was arrested on suspicion of felony hit and run and was booked into the Martinez County Jail.

The Pleasant Hill Police Department is asking anyone with information or who may have seen the accident to call them immediately with more details about the causes of the accident.

Hit and run accidents can be extremely frustrating for victims to deal with. It was fortunate that the other driver was found in this case, but in situations where the liable drivers are unavailable, it becomes difficult to recover compensation for the damages sustained.

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