Two men were killed and another injured when their pick-up truck lost control and crashed near the 405 Freeway Saturday evening in Long Beach.

According to accident reports, the crash took place at around 6:20 p.m. in the 2900 block of Redondo Avenue where a Dodge Ram pickup truck attempted to make a lane change and lost control, crashing over a sidewalk and into a pylon beneath the major freeway.

Both the driver of the truck, 36 year old Mark Martineau and 54 year old Richard McAleavery were pronounced dead at the scene by responding paramedics. Another passenger, 36 year old Terrence Harris, was rushed to a nearby hospital for serious injuries, where he remains in critical condition.

Police closed down a portion of Redondo Avenue for a short time to clear away the wreckage from the accident and allow investigators to uncover the cause of the crash.

Witnesses on the scene reported that the roads in the area had been flooded with rainwater at the time of the accident, leading police to believe that the driver may have been speeding and lost control due to the slippery conditions.

In wet weather conditions, it becomes increasingly important to slow your speed to counteract the loss of traction as a result of the rains. Your ability to accelerate, brake, and turn are all greatly reduced when the roads are wet, and speeding will only serve to increase the danger.

In flooded areas, even a maneuver as simple as a lane change can become a dangerous situation if your speeds are too high and your tires are unable to adequately grip the road. Wet conditions require the right level of compensation to allow for safe travel; longer stopping distances, slower acceleration speeds, and lesser overall speeds.

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