A serious accident involving two cars and a nearby pedestrian left one fighting for survival early Wednesday morning in Mid-City Los Angeles.

According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the accident took place at the intersection of 18th Street and La Cienega Boulevard just before 5:45 a.m.

The particulars of the accident are relatively unknown, though accident reports indicate that a silver SUV crashed violently into a red pickup truck, causing it to roll several times down the road and strike a pedestrian walking along the side of the street.

The front portion of the silver SUV, a Lexus, was completely smashed in, and the vehicle finally came to rest up on the curb near the street light in the intersection.

The truck came to rest on its roof, which was completely collapsed. The vehicle was hardly recognizable as a pickup truck, as nearly every bit of it was dented, bent, or broken apart.

The road itself had a scar starting at the point of impact, running all the way to the resting place of the truck, and stray debris was scattered everything through the intersection.

One person was seriously injured in the accident, though it is unknown if it was the SUV or truck driver, or the pedestrian on the side of the road, though the condition of the truck suggests that the driver of said vehicle was likely seriously injured.

The LAPD closed down La Dienega between Airdome and Sawyer, just north of the 10 Freeway to allow for cleanup of the accident and to comb over the scene for more information about the crash.

Police are still looking to determine what led to the accident, and who may have been at fault. The conditions of those involved in the accident are unknown, though only the one was in need of immediate medical attention.

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