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A 2-year-old girl was playing in Manzanita Park in downtown Anaheim on Thursday afternoon when she was viciously attacked by a pit bull, according to police reports.

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The owner of the animal was a family friend of the girl and her parents and had taken the dog off of its leash to let it run free in the park.

The girl’s father, Tyler Johnson, said that the dog was very rambunctious and was nipping at everyone’s legs. He saw the dog approach the little girl, so he picked the girl up, but as he swung her up in his arms, the dog grabbed ahold of her legs and would not let go.

The dog’s owner then came over and pulled the dog off of her, but not before she received a deep gash in her leg.

She was taken to the Anaheim Regional Medical Center for treatment and evaluation. They tested for rabies and other infections, while she was in the emergency room.

Johnson is calling for the dog to be put down immediately.

Currently, the dog is being held by the Orange County Animal Control Center for at least 10 days. It is quarantined from contact with all humans and other animals. A hearing will be held to determine the dog’s fate.

Domestic dogs, although generally calm and loving, can sometimes be vicious and uncontrollable, depending on the circumstances of their home life. All domesticated dogs are descended from wolves and they still maintain some of their ancestors’ traits, such as their cunning, agility, strength and territorial attitudes.

They still have sharp teeth and claws that, if used to attack, can cause serious injuries, or even result in death. Sometimes dog bites can even cause serious infections from the bacteria on their mouths or even on their claws.

According to recent data, at least 4.7 million people in the United States have received dog bites. Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, 17 people were killed by domestic dogs. This number increased to 26 in the 2000s.

The majority of people that are attacked are well-acquainted with the animals that attack them, either through family or friends. More than 50% of all dog bite victims are actually the owners of the dogs.

It is hotly debated whether or not some breeds are more prone to attacks than others, though it does seem that there are more dog attacks seen in breeds like pit bulls, Rottweilers and German Shepherds.

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