A teen-aged bicyclist was killed Wednesday evening when he collided with two vehicles on Flamingo and Ft. Apache Road, 8 News Now reports. One of the drivers involved in the accident, which occurred in Las Vegas on February 1, 2012, was Julia Rivera, and as she told 8 News Now, she was waiting at the light just before the collision. When the light turned green, Rivera said, she started to go, and that’s when the teen on the bicycle dashed in front of her car.

Rivera said to 8 News Now that she clipped the tire of the bike, which threw the victim off his bike, into another lane, and underneath another car. She also said she was very shaken about the collision, and felt panic, and called 911.

Police are not charging her, Rivera said, because the bicyclist crossed when he did not have the right of way. Investigators are looking into identifying the victim.

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