A wild crash involving a big rig sent a fuel tank and crude oil spilling out onto a crowded freeway and the road below it early Tuesday morning in Norwalk.

According to the California Highway Patrol, the crash took place on the southbound lanes of the 5 Freeway at Norwalk Boulevard on the Norwalk/San Antonio Bridge where a car reportedly swerved in front of the oil-carrying big rig, which subsequently lost control and smashed into a guardrail.

The collision wrecked more than 200 feet of guardrail, and spilled more than 40 gallons of fuel out onto the road as one of the tanks on the truck detached and fell to San Antonio road down below.

Thankfully, no cars were hit where the fuel tank fell, and no other vehicles were involved in the crash on the freeway itself. The driver of the big rig was also able to escape injury.

The freeway was less fortunate, as all southbound lanes were closed down to clean up the mess of oil that covered the road. A few lanes have since been reopened, but the right lane remains closed as crews are still working to mop up the mess and repair the mangled guardrail.

Local authorities are worried that the crash compromised the Norwalk/San Antonio Bridge, which could lead to a costly repair job to restore, costing millions and restricting traffic in an already busy area.

Drivers who frequent the 5 Freeway through Norwalk are being encouraged to detour off the 5 before the accident site at Pioneer, or through the 605 south to Rosecrans, then head east to the 5.

Making dangerous maneuvers on the freeway can have damaging repercussions. Your frustrated desire to speed ahead of another car can easily turn into a tanker crash, spilling gallons of fuel onto the road if you are not considerate of the vehicles that share the road with you.

It is fortunate that no injuries were had in the crash, as something as dangerous as an oil tank crashing down onto a road could easily have brought fatal results.

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