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A head on collision between a car and a casino passenger bus left three injured, including one in danger of losing his leg, early Tuesday morning in the city of Dehesa.

A high speed chase involving a stolen pickup truck ended in a multi-vehicle accident killing four kids and their parents in Mission, Texas.

Pedestrian deaths are on the rise throughout the United States, primarily in large, urban cities, and walking and texting is largely to blame, researchers say.

A woman who drove on the wrong side of the highway whilst under the influence of alcohol pled guilty to charges of gross vehicular manslaughter earlier this week in San Diego.

A wrong-way driver allegedly caused a multiple-vehicle crash that resulted in the hospitalization of twelve people and the forced closure of the northbound lanes of the Antelope Valley Freeway Monday. A massive traffic backup during afternoon rush hour ensued. Reportedly, […]

Investigators stated that a faulty air spring caused the Bay Area limousine fire that killed five women who were out celebrating a nurse’s wedding. California Highway Patrol investigators have worked on the charred vehicle to determine the cause of the […]

A woman was killed in an illegal Los Angeles street race car crash involving three vehicles. It was reported that at least six others were injured at the crash that same night. Michael Villalobos, a 20-year-old, was arrested on suspicion […]

Chris Brown is being accused of a Los Angeles hit-and-run car accident and may be facing jail time of up to four years. Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the singer after he refused to give his driver’s license number […]

A pedestrian was killed while crossing a South Los Angeles intersection Sunday night. He died from his injuries at the hospital. The driver was arrested and booked on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter. Francisco Lopez, a 54-year-old, was making an […]

An initial investigation into a fiery, solo vehicle accident that killed five teens on Memorial Day in Newport Beach has revealed that the driver did not have a valid driver’s license.

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