An SUV crashed through the back wall of a supercharger shop at Fresno Wednesday morning. The driver of the vehicle was hospitalized but none of the employees at the shop were injured.

Accounts stated that a woman, whose name had not been released by authorities, but looked to be in her 30’s wound up caught between the side wall of Whipple Superchargers in the northwestern area of Fresno. The woman while driving north on Weber late morning made a sharp right turn for an unknown reason and drove through the back wall of the business.

Employees did not have the slightest inclination that someone would burst right through the walls of their workplace that day.

Dustin Whipple of Whipple Superchargers told KMPH that the only warning came after the crash and that their quick reactions prevented them from getting injured.  “They just heard a screech and then a loud bang and that was it,” Whipple said, “they all jumped out of the way luckily.”

When paramedics and the firefighters arrived on the scene, they helped extricate the trapped woman. She was stuck inside her vehicle between the walls and halfway in the shop. To get the woman out, specialists used the Jaws of Life. By the time she was extricated, she had incurred minor injuries and had to be transported to the hospital by the paramedics.

Fresno Police officers estimate the woman was going 37 miles an hour when she hit the office building, per the news story.

Phil was near the scene of the accident and witnessed the woman’s car prior to the crash.  “We didn’t think that she ran into anything.   We looked down the street and we didn’t see her.   We didn’t know what was going on.”

Back at the shop post-crash, the heavy dust clouds had subsided and debris lingered where the collision occurred. The long-time Fresno business that manufacturers the mechanical device that gives engines more power experienced a blow of power of their own. Being in business for close to twenty-four years, their facility had not experienced such a shaky event.

When asked about the hole in the store and what would come of it Whipple stated that he was “Not sure.   Probably tear it down and build something new here.”

Whatever the store is planning to do in the future, they would have to wait to get approval from the Fresno Fire Department who brought in a team to stabilize the building. After the damage is inspected they will decide if it is better to re–build or tear down the building.

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