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You’ve probably heard about Google’s self-driving car project, and that one of its cars had an accident last month, hitting a bus. If you’re thinking this will slow the tide towards driverless cars, think again. The accident was minor, and probably would have occurred anyhow, as the test driver in the car choose not to intervene, making the same decision as the car’s software about the intentions of the approaching bus. In fact, the software in driverless cars makes more conservative decisions and better calculations than people do, and studies have suggested that such cars could reduce accidents and lower traffic fatalities by an astounding 80 percent.

Another benefit is that if you don’t need to drive a car, all of your decisions about car travel will change. You will be able to get anywhere faster, because with everything automated, you will take less congested routes and spend less time sitting at traffic lights, since the computers that communicate traffic conditions and traffic light switches will be interfaced with your car’s software. If no one is driving, you’ll actually have fewer cars on the road also, because people will be sharing cars; in fact, the interior of the car will be redesigned to make it more like a diner on a train. Everything related to cars and driving will get cheaper; insurance, since the accident rate will plummet, fuel, since these cars will likely be electric, and parking, since fewer cars on the road means space is no longer at a premium.

Around 90 percent of Americans are skeptical about self-driving cars, according to a university survey, but this is no doubt due to a lack of familiarization. The future is already here. Just this month, the Nation Highway Traffic Safety Administration approved Google’s self-driving car system as a recognized driver. Google expects to begin marketing its product by 2017, and it’s a foregone conclusion that the automotive industry will follow suit in the next few years.

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On the way back from a trip I was stopped for traffic and someone rearended me. I got an injurys to my knee, back, and also my neck. I came to AA Accident Attorneys about 3 days after the accident. I was very happy with how they handled everything and the settlement was the maximum amount that the insurance company would allow. I am very happy with AA Accident Attorneys.

Charles C. Car Accident Victim

I’d never been in a car accident in my whole life.I had originally hired an attorney, and he had dropped my case. So I came to the Accident Attorneys and they took on my case. They were amazing. They did a really good job. And I didn’t have to handle anything. In the end I’m very satisfied with my settlement.

Blyth 1st Time Car Accident Victim

The only people that looked out for me was AA Accident Attorneys. I can never thank you guys enough. I was totally surprised by how much money you guys were able to get for me. I’m really excited about the settlement I got. I couldn’t be happier with AA Accident Attorneys!

David Bell Pedestrian Accident Victim

We found Accident Attorneys, and finding them was probably the best thing that happened to us right then, because we were very well taken care of. They came out to us. We didn’t have to go to them. We was very well compensated financially. If I had to recommend an attorney, I would recommend them.

Antwaine Accident Victim

Recent Settlements

$ 2,000,000 from Security Company for Negligent Security Protection Public on Commercial Property.

$ 2,000,000 from Government Entity for Failure to Protect the Welfare of the Public.*

$ 4,000,000 Negligence resulting in burns.*

$ 1,500,000 Recovered for Passenger Involved in an Automobile Accident in San Bernadino County.*

$ 750,000 recover for injured driver involved in auto accident with tractor trailer.*

$15,000,000 from truck accident resulting in brain injury.*

$ 1,850,000 Recovered from Trucking Company for Negligent Hiring related to Auto Accident.*