On Wednesday, August 21, 2013, 20 people were injured when a school bus overturned in Kansas on Highway 32. Two buses were heading from Pembroke Hills School in Missouri; one was carrying male students and the other was carrying female students in the sixth grade. The students were being taken to an annual campout at Tall Oaks in Linwood, Kansas to welcome the beginning of the school year. 20 of the 36 passengers, including the driver, were injured and taken to hospitals. Injures were moderate to minor.

Howard Dickinson, Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper, said the bus overturned while making a sharp curve on a ramp of Kansas Highway 32. The ramp is located 20 miles west from Kansas City, Missouri, where Pembroke is located, in Bonner Springs. The bus fell down an embankment and stopped on its side, which blocked the main door. The ramp was temporarily closed and the bus had to be moved by tow trucks.

Two people nearby began helping students exit the bus. The driver was also helping students. Roger Twitchel came out of a nearby body shop to assist students. He said he saw someone with an injured lip and that some of the injured parties might have had broken bones. Twitchel also said the female students acted bravely and comforted each other.

According to Beth Bryant, spokesperson for Pembroke, 20 injured people were taken to hospitals. They were taken to University of Kansas Hospital in Kansas City, Overland Park Regional Medical Center and Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri. An emergency room doctor, Dr. Denise Dowd at Children’s Mercy, said the injuries she saw were minor. The students who were not injured were taken to Bonner Springs High School to wait for their parents.

30 female students were riding on the bus along with the driver and other adults. Durham School Services, the company that operates the bus from Warrenville, Illinois, has not commented on the accident.

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