DUI Driver Arrested following Hit-and-Run Crash that Injured 4 in San Francisco

San Francisco, CA (September 15, 2023).  In a distressing incident four individuals sustained injuries in a hit-and-run accident involving a suspected drunk driver.  The accident occurred early Sunday morning at the intersection of Mission Street and 19th Street in San Francisco

Hit-and-Run Crash Occurred at Mission Street and 19th Street

The incident unfolded shortly before 1:45 a.m. on September 10.  Five pedestrians were crossing the street within a designated crosswalk when the vehicle sped at them.  According to the San Francisco Police Department, a vehicle struck the pedestrians and callously fled the scene without stopping to provide assistance.

Promptly responding to the scene, first responders provided care to the injured pedestrians.  Subsequently, they transported four of them to a hospital for medical treatment. Fortunately, their injuries were non-life-threatening after a thorough assesment.  The fifth person involved in the incident declined medical attention.

A Second Hit-and-Run Crash Occurred at Van Ness Avenue and 19th Street

As officers initiated an investigation into the hit-and-run, a separate call came in reporting another collision at South Van Ness Avenue and 19th Street. Further inquiries revealed that one of the drivers involved in this subsequent crash was the same individual responsible for the earlier hit-and-run incident.

Law enforcement officers apprehended the suspect, identified as a 26-year-old South San Francisco resident, on charges of drunk driving and hit-and-run causing injuries.

The San Francisco Police Department is urging anyone with additional information regarding the incident to contact them at 415-575-444, as they continue their ongoing investigation.

San Francisco Felony DUI Injures 4 in Hit-and-Run Crash

Location Where Hit and Run Accident Happened At Mission and 19th Street

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