Police are offering a $25,000 reward for help in finding a hit and run driver who struck and seriously injured a bicyclist last month in Griffith Park.

36 year old Damian Kevitt was biking with his wife around the LA River on Sunday, February 17, when they made a detour to Griffith Park, heading westbound on Zoo Drive towards the 5 Freeway. While riding past traffic, a minivan made a sudden turn into Kevitt looking to cut around the congestion, knocking him off his bike, lodging him underneath the vehicle, unconscious.

He was then dragged some 600 feet until finally coming loose. The minivan then drove away from the scene, heading southbound on the freeway, where the vehicle has since gone unseen. The vehicle is described as an older gray Toyota Sienna with a “For Sale” sign posted in the rear window.

Kevitt suffered a number of broken bones as a result of the accident, as well as severe road rash on his chest and back. His left leg was also removed below the knee, as the damage was deemed too substantial to repair.

For more than a month, officers from the Los Angeles Police Department have been on the lookout for the driver of the minivan, but have ultimately been unsuccessful. Police are hoping that the reward incentive will help draw people out who may have information.

Still recovering, Kevitt himself has even released a message to the driver, calling for him or her to end the ordeal and come forth. “I think it’s honestly going to be far healthier for them to come forward and admit it and receive the due course of justice that they need to than it is for them to run and hide from the truth.”

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