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A strong squall line moving in producing light...
Distant heavy rain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heavy rains continued to drench Southland roads creating a slick and slippery challenge for drivers commuting through its throughways on Tuesday. While many were grateful that the rains helped put out the fires on the mountains, others who found themselves caught in collisions throughout various freeways were not as thrilled.

Amongst the handful of accidents on the 5 Freeway and 134 Freeway interchange an oil tanker found itself jackknifed across the highway while other cars spun out throughout the freeways. There have been no serious injuries reported from these incidents.

On the wet roads of Cahuenga Pass a six-car pileup was reported.  Amid the mix of vehicles caught in the wreck were a concoction of cars, SUV’s, and a pickup. They slammed into one another on the 101 Freeway near Barham Boulevard in Studio City. So far there have been no reports of injuries during the multi-vehicle pileup.

It is the second morning in a row that Southland motorists have to head into work dealing with rainy conditions. It has been a headache for many motorists, as it seems they cannot escape the wet conditions. An early downpour soaked most of the Southland and the areas from Duarte to Long Beach, Northridge and Westwood were drenched.

Some of the equipment used to aid drivers during rainy conditions on public streets did not work too well. Vehicles were forced to drive through flooded Studio City streets where storm drains were losing the battle against the heavy downpour.

Adding to the hazards of driving during a down pour, a rockslide in the Mulholland Drive gave drivers two choices. They were forced to quickly become deft to the road conditions or crash.

During the rainy conditions, temperatures reached the mid-60s in: the Los Angeles-Metro area, Orange County, the Inland Empire, Valleys and high desert. Mountain regions experienced highs in the upper 40s. It is expected that the rain will continue its downpour through the rest of Tuesday morning.

Drivers who chose to operate their vehicles during the rainy conditions are asked to be aware of the slick roads and exercise cautious driving techniques.  Slowing down and allowing for a bigger gap in between vehicles reduces the chance of hydroplaning and rear-end collisions. It is encouraged drivers adapt these rules on highways and streets, they can help prevent accidents.

If you, or someone you know were in an accident due to rainy conditions, contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer. You may be entitled to compensation that may cover the cost of your accident and injuries you incurred.  Call now and get the initial consultation FREE!