An unarmed suspect, 40, took police on a high-speed chase Monday after police attempted to arrest him for making “terrorist threats” against his former girlfriend days earlier.

The suspect led police on the 10 Freeway to the 101 Freeway and then northbound on 110 Freeway. Around 11:30 a.m. the suspect jumped from his gar and began running through the neighborhood near Magnolia Boulevard. He then entered an empty house.

“It’s really scary,” said a woman in a phone interview who lives on Hartsook Street across from the home where the suspect was hiding.

“I’m not surprised by how the world is going. It’s funny I don’t feel scared. That says something about our society,” said Tamrah Land, 22, in an interview with the Los Angeles Times who lives a flew blocks from where the standoff was occurring

The standoff ended when police fired tear gas into the home about 3 p.m. where the suspect was believed to be armed with an assault rifle. The suspect walked out of the house, following police instruction to lie on the ground.

The suspect name has not been released. It is also not clear what he will be charged with.

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Source: Los Angeles Times