Though most teens are excited for the chance to get to their licenses and finally get
on the road, the fact remains that they are one of the most at-risk groups of drivers.
Teens are responsible for more accidents than any other age group, but that doesn’t
mean that they are doomed to an adolescence of fender benders. These tips help
your new driver practice teen driver safety when they get behind the wheel.

Avoid Distractions

Driving while distracted make a driver more likely to lose control of the vehicle,
resulting in an accident. Eating, drinking, and adjusting the music on the stereo can
all cause a driver to lose focus. Avoid these activities and anything else that might
take your focus off the road when you first get behind the wheel.

Stay off the Phone

Texting or using the phone while driving is the most common distraction and should
be avoided at all costs. In addition, many states have laws against using the phone
while driving, so even if an accident does not occur being on the phone can lead to
an expensive ticket.

Check Your Headlights

New drivers who aren’t yet used to their vehicle often forget to turn on their
headlights. Make sure that lights are used not only at night, but also during the dusk
and early morning to ensure that other drivers can see you.

Don’t Take Passengers

When you first get your license, you may be tempted to let all your friends pile into
the car with you. However, passengers are often distracting and can take your
attention off the road. Until you get the hang of driving, head out solo or with only a
single trusted passenger.

New drivers still have a lot to learn. Instill good driving habits and avoid teen car
accidents early and you will help lay the foundation for a lifetime of safe driving.