Safe drivers know being prepared at all times is the key to dealing with emergency situations. That’s why all vehicles should have a fully-stocked emergency car kit to help mitigate unforeseen circumstances, including things like inclement weather and collisions. Because even the safest drivers can experience on-the-road emergencies, keeping these items in your car at all times is essential.

Automotive Items

Automotive repair items will come in handy should you find yourself experiencing car trouble on the road. A good kit should include a sizable selection of tools, as well as things like flashlights and extra batteries in case a breakdown occurs at night. Keeping a spare tire on hand is also a must, as well as a working set of jumper cables.

Extra Clothing

For those living in colder climates, having a selection of warm clothing in your vehicle may just save your life should you be involved in crash far from emergency personnel. Clothing can include heavy coats and sweatshirts, in addition to extra hats and gloves. Blankets and sleeping bags will also be useful to this end, especially if your find yourself stranded over night without access to heat.

First Aid Kit

Should you or a passenger be injured as a result of a crash, having a first aid kit on hand is crucial for treating injuries until help arrives. First aid kits should contain plenty of gauze and bandages, antibacterial ointments, basic pain medications, etc. These items can also be useful if you encounter a serious accident on the road and need to offer medical assistance to others.

Nonperishable Food Items

Keeping a few nonperishable food items in your vehicle is also recommended. While it may seem unlikely, some crashes may not be discovered for an extended period, during which time those awaiting assistance may find themselves isolated. Canned foods work well in this respect as they can go long periods before expiring (just don’t forget to include a can opener). Bottled water is also a must, and there should be enough available for at least a three day wait.

Weather-Related Items

Because bad weather can occur at any time, it’s good idea to keep some weather-related items in your vehicle. An ice scraper is essential in this respect, as is a bag of salt or sand to increase traction when dealing with slick conditions. If room permits, you may also want to consider keeping a shovel in your trunk in case your vehicle become stuck.

Stay Safe by Being Prepared

While you can’t always prevent accidents from occurring, you can make certain you are well-prepared for emergency situations. Such preparation is crucial for drivers concerned with both their safety, as well as the safety of others.