Police are still on the lookout for a driver who struck and killed a motorcyclist before fleeing the scene Tuesday night in Arcadia.

According to reports from the Arcadia Police Department, the crash took place just before 8 p.m. in the 200 block of West Foothill Boulevard, where officers responding to a 911 call detailing an accident found a motorcyclist writhing in the aftermath of a collision with a vehicle no longer present at the scene. Paramedics were rushed to the scene and the motorcyclist was transported to nearby Huntington Memorial Hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries shortly after his arrival. The identity of the motorcyclist has not yet been released, as the county coroner’s office is still working to notify his next of kin. Once his family is informed, more details will be released to the public.

Witnesses to the crash who notified police described the automobile involved in the crash as an electric blue Mitsubishi sedan, possibility a Lancer. Police added that the vehicle now has damage on its passenger side as a result of the accident. Anyone with additional information about the accident or who may have seen the vehicle is encouraged to contact the Arcadia PD as soon as possible to assist in the search for the at-large driver.

As an automobile driver, avoiding accidents requires more than looking out for other cars on the road. Smaller travelers like bikers and motorcyclists can be a serious challenge to see, especially at night. To avoid accidents such as this, it is essential to keep a particular eye out for these two-wheeled vehicles, and make certain that the way is clear before changing lanes or making a turn.

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