A motorcyclist was killed in a high speed collision with another vehicle in the fast lane of Interstate 5 late Wednesday night in Lake Forest.

According to accident reports, the fatal crash took place just after 11 p.m. in the southbound lanes of the highway near the Lake Forest exit where the cyclist and another vehicle came together in the No. 1 lane, knocking the rider off the bike and onto the asphalt. Witnesses noted that the motorcycle was on fire as a result of the collision.

Emergency personnel were immediately called to the scene, but the motorcyclist was pronounced dead upon their arrival. His name has not yet been released, as the coroner’s office is still working to identify the man and notify his next of kin.

The driver of the other vehicle was unhurt in the accident, and the vehicle sustained minimal damage.

The four left lanes of the 5 Freeway were closed down to allow for crews to mop up the debris. All lanes were back to full capacity by 1:10 a.m.

At this point, the causes that led to the accident are still under investigation. It is unknown if the collision was a result of an unsafe lane change or any other kind of dangerous maneuvering by either driver.

This deadly crash comes as the only the latest in a number of fatal motorcycle accidents over the last several days through Southern California. It is important for both motorcycle riders and automobile drivers to properly give each other their due space on the road.

Drivers have a responsibility to adequately check for their smaller, two wheeled compatriots before making a lane change or turn, as motorcycles can be easy to miss.

Likewise, motorcycles have the responsibility to avoid blind spots and ride in a place where they can be seen. If either shirks on their duties, fatal accidents like this are the result.

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