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Ford and General Motors are leading the industry pack with the most reliable cars according to a study by J.D. Power and Associates, the Detroit Free Press reports this week. The two manufacturers claim four out of the top 10 brands. According to the Free Press’s story, this gives the industry its best overall score since the study began in 1990.

This is quite a feat for the American automakers, especially since their recent troubles and federal bailout make it obvious that the industry was in a bad way.

How did the American brands rank? Cadillac had the third best score, with Lexus and Porsche taking the number one and two spots. Lincoln took sixth place, Ford took seventh, and Buick came in at eighth.

As the Free Press explains, the study by J.D. Power looks at the number of problems for 100 cars and trucks that were bought in 2009. The purpose of the study is to measure how dependable vehicles are in the long-term. The study revealed that overall dependability, which averaged 132 problems per 100 vehicles, improved. As a whole, the industry improved automobile reliability by 13 percent in 2009. The vehicles studied had the lowest rate of problems since the study first began in 1990.

The success of the American car manufacturers who produced vehicles with increased reliability is noteworthy, not only for the achievement, but also for the year in which it occurred. 2009 was the height of the recession, and as the Free Press notes, sales of cars in the U.S. dropped to the lowest numbers since 1970. General Motors and Chrysler declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and were bailed out by the federal government.

Increased reliability bodes well not only for the American auto industry, but for the consumer as well. More reliable cars can contribute to safer motoring, and hopefully reduce the risk of a car crash due to vehicular problems.

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