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It’s no secret that most dogs love car rides about as much as they love milk bones and chasing the mailman. As a result, many pet owners see no reason not to take their four-legged friends when out and about, and very few ever give a thought to what might happen should a crash occur.

However, this is a very distinct possibility when on the road, and in some cases an overzealous dog even be the cause of an auto accident. That’s why all pet owners should keep the following in mind to ensure safety remains a priority while driving with their canines.

Common Safety Issues When Driving With a Pet

Quite a few safety issues can arise during travels with your pet. This is particularly true when the proper measures are not in place before setting out on a trip, such as making sure your dog is secure in a vehicle.

For instance, many dogs get extremely excited while on car rides, which leads to erratic behavior that can distract or endanger a driver. Your dog may also be enticed by something outside the car, and in some cases this can result in grave injuries caused by your pet jumping from a moving vehicle.

Options for Increased Canine Safety

When seeking a safer driving experience for both you and your canine, there are quite a few options available:

  • Crates/Travel Carriers – Crating your animal during trips is a great method to ensure your beloved pooch stays put while on the road. When seeking a reliable crate/carrier, be sure to check out crash ratings for different brands to guarantee your animal remains protected should a collision occur.
  • Canine Car Seat – In the event you are not comfortable with crating your dog, a canine car seat is another option. Similar to child car seats, these allow you to strap in your dog during car rides to prevent them from roaming around the vehicle untethered.
  • Dog Barriers – If you’d like to give your dog a bit more freedom during trips, a backseat dog barrier is an ideal choice. These attachments prevent your pet from climbing into the front seat unexpectedly, which can easily trigger a crash.

Of course, seat belts can also be used to secure your dog if you lack pet-friendly travel accessories. While this option can be a bit more difficult to utilize, it will work in a pinch should you find yourself traveling with your pet without any of the above gear.

A Safe Driving Experience for All

You’re responsible for your dog’s well-being, and that goes for both on and off the road. Taking steps to create a safe driving experience for all is just another way to show your pet how much you care.