General Motors has announced a new recall covering more than 145,000 midsized pickup trucks because of a missing hood latch that could lead to the hood flying open unexpectedly while driving.

Reported through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the recall will cover both the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon from the 2010 to 2012 model years. 118,800 of the affected models were sold in the United States, along with 15,264 in Canada and several thousand more in Mexico and overseas.

The issue stems from the secondary hood latch, which may have been missing or improperly installed. Without correct function of this latch, the hood has the potential to come open with the vehicle is in motion if the primary latch has not been engaged completely.

Not only does an open hood completely erase forward vision for drivers, there is also the threat of a lifting of the front wheels, creating an out of control accident scenario with a high likelihood for inflicting damage.

To date GM has confirmed four instances of secondary hood latches being improperly installed though there have been no known instances of accidents or injuries caused by the issue.

Owners of affected vehicles will receive notice of the recall by letter beginning in February, at which time they will be instruction to take their trucks to a participating dealership for an inspection of the hood latch system. If an incorrect installation of the secondary latch is found, the entirety of the hood will be replaced at no cost.

Anyone seeking more information about the recall or potential dangers is encouraged to contact GM’s customer service center or the NHTSA’s vehicle recall hotline. Upon receiving notice of a recall, especially for a potentially dangerous issue such as this, it is important to respond quickly, and resolve the problem before it has a chance to do damage.

For those who do suffer damages as a result of faulty components or improper manufacturing, taking legal action could be the answer you need. Depending on the circumstances that surround your incident, you may be entitled to compensation from liable car makers to help mend the damages that you have sustained.

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