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Four people, including a young child, were injured when a car crashed into the front of a 7-Eleven convenience store Monday morning in San Diego.

According to local police reports, the accident took place just after 9:30 a.m. in the 3300 block of Sandrock Road, where a 2012 Nissan sedan crashed through the store’s front entrance, injuring four people, including two and a half year old child and a store employee who was pinned against a refrigerator.

Chris Spivey, who was pumping gas nearby, ran into the store following the crash to offer aid to those involved. “I heard people screaming and frantic. A lot of people couldn’t believe what was going on,” he told reporters. “I saw there was a baby and I ran to make sure the baby was OK, and the mom had her pretty well taken care of. There was a gentleman that was literally pinned between the front of the car and the wall. He looked pretty bad.”

An employee working behind the counter at the time of the crash said that one of the victims struck was an older man who had just purchased a newspaper. “He was pretty beat up,” Spivey said, who tried to stop bleeding wounds with store napkins. “I just told him to lie still on his back.” Paramedics took the man, another customer, the employee, and the young child, who was in a stroller, to nearby hospitals for the treatment of moderate to serious injuries.

The driver of the Nissan sedan, a 52 year old woman who has not been identified, was uninjured. She told police that her brakes had failed, preventing her from avoiding the crash. According to San Diego Police Department Detective Gary Hassen, she is unlikely to face significant charges. The influence of drugs or alcohol is not believed to be a factor.

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