A potential danger pointed out by a Ford factory worker has resulted in a major recall of more than 10,000 SUVs over carpet padding that might interfere with access to the brake pedal.

According to their notification to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ford has detailed an issue with a bit of trim that can be pushed into an unintended position, reducing the clearance for the driver’s feet between the accelerator and the brake pedal.

The result of the misplaced padding can cause a driver’s foot to hit the side of the brake pedal while transferring from the accelerator, which can impede braking times, and lead to accidents.

Rather than smoothly transitioning from the gas to the brake, there is a barrier that might potentially cause the driver to miss the brake pedal, which can be the difference between avoiding an accident and slamming into the back of a vehicle that has stopped suddenly up ahead.

The recall covers the 2013 model year of the Ford Escape Crossover, with more than 8,266 from the United States, and a few thousand in Canada and a handful in Mexico as well.

Owners of vehicles affected will be notified later this month, at which time they will be prompted to take their vehicle to the nearest Ford dealer for a quick repair at no cost to the owner.

For more information about the recall, Escape owners are encouraged to go to the NHTSA’s website, which has information on every pending vehicle recall, what models are affected, and what steps are available to owners.

If you have been notified of a recall, you should have your vehicle taken care of immediately. Driving with a known defect leaves you susceptible to dangerous accidents that could easily have been avoided.

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