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A suspected drunk driver started a chain reaction, seven-car accident that killed one woman and injured multiple others late Monday night in Tarzana.

According to reports from the Los Angeles Police Department, the crash took place just after 11 p.m. at the intersection of Ventura Boulevard and Vanalden Avenue, where a silver 1999 Ford Taurus sedan rear ended a Saturn sedan stopped at a red light while trying to turn onto the southbound 101 Freeway onramp.

Immediately following the collision, five other vehicles crashed into the Ford and Saturn sedans in quick succession, creating a massive accident scene with debris and vehicle fluids spread throughout the intersection. In the initial impact, the driver of the Saturn, a woman believed to be in her 60s, suffered fatal injuries.

“There was a very violent impact between the Taurus and the Saturn. There was a female in her 60s. Because of the tremendous amount of impact and intrusion into that vehicle, she died at the scene,” said Detective Bill Bustos of the LAPD. The woman’s identity has not yet been released, as the county coroner’s office is still working to notify her next of kin.

Conflicting reports also indicate that multiple others were hurt in the chaotic accident, though none appear to have suffered significant injuries.

In the aftermath of the crash, those involved noted that the Taurus driver appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. “He was apparently drunk, and he did something to his arm,” said one driver. “He was very intoxicated, because he couldn’t even stand up straight.”

Police at the scene also reported that the driver, described as a man in his 30s who lives in Los Angeles, walked into a nearby mini mart after the accident to purchase beer. The clerk inside the store said that the driver came inside, shouted that he wanted beer, snatched a six-pack, threw money on the counter, and left.

He was then taken to an area hospital for injuries suffered in the crash, where tests are being administered to determine if he was intoxicated at the time of the accident, or only after he consumed alcohol in the accident’s aftermath. Police also closed down the 101 Freeway onramp to allow for cleanup and a complete investigation into the particulars of the accident.

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