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A high school cross country runner was hit by a car attempting to cross through an intersection during a morning run Thursday morning in Anaheim.

According to local police, the collision took place just after 8 a.m. at the intersection of Ball Road and Lewis Street where the running team from Katella High School was doing some morning practice.

The runners were heading eastbound on Ball Road before being stopped at a right light. Upon getting the green, the group made their way across the street, where a girl was hit by a passing Honda Accord attempting to make a right turn Ball.

The girl was knocked to the ground in the crash, though she immediately got back on her feet and attempted continue on with the rest of her team. The driver of the Accord stayed remained on the scene however, and called for the girl to stop, where he then immediately called the police.

Paramedics arrived on the scene for precautionary measures and took the girl to Western Medical Center-Anaheim for treatment of minor injuries.

Police are looking into the cause of the accident, though initial indications suggest that it was a lapse in judgment by the driver who accidentally made contact with the girl. Alcohol and reckless maneuvers were not factors in the incident.

It is essential that you thoroughly check for pedestrians in the crosswalk before making a turn through an intersection. It is easy to assume the way is clear, but such an assumption can have deadly consequences.

The swift running girl was lucky to have escaped serious injury, as was the driver, who would have been faced with a substantial punishment had their collision been more severe.

Though his poor judgment resulted in an accident, the driver should be commended for remaining on the scene and properly notifying the authorities, rather than simply fleeing from the scene.

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