Chris Brown is being accused of a Los Angeles hit-and-run car accident and may be facing jail time of up to four years. Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the singer after he refused to give his driver’s license number to a woman he rear-ended over the weekend. Authorities have yet to speak to the singer.

According to reporters, the situation after the fender bender would have easier and less taxing on Brown had he chosen to comply with the simple action of exchanging personal information after a car accident. Not only did the singer refuse to hand out his license number, he also gave the woman who he rear-ended incorrect insurance information. Under the law, this may qualify as a hit-and-run.

If these were typical circumstances, this would be regarded as a minor incident. Unfortunately for the singer, he is still on probation for the domestic violence incident he had with former girlfriend, Rhianna. While on probation, the performer is required to follow all laws, including traffic laws. Failure to do so, may lead to serving jail time.

If officials find that Brown chose to intentionally leave the scene of the celebrity car accident, he may be looking to face up to four years in prison. Officials still have to speak to the singer to get his account of how the incident happened.

So far, while on probation, Brown has allegedly not committed any crimes. However, some of his actions have been questioned by tabloids and the community. He allegedly faked his community service hours, broke a window at a national news station, and most recently there have been report that his neighbors have complained about the murals that are painted on his house.

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