Just three days after a big rig crash forced the shutdown of the 134 East Freeway transition to the West 210 in Pasadena, identical circumstances have caused another closure.

According to the California Highway Patrol, this latest big rig accident took place just after 2 a.m., where two big rigs collided in slippery conditions, sending one down an embankment, leaving the other blocking the entirely of the transition road. Fortunately, neither driver was hurt in the crash.

Police and cleanup crews worked for multiple hours to remove downed truck and trailer from the road, as well as from the embankment. The trailer that slid from the road was hauling clothing at the time of the accident, so no hazardous spills resulted.

As a road that has claimed multiple victims within the last several days, police are concerned that drivers are not taking proper care in the wet conditions. “You can come around it and it’s a blind turn, so you can’t really see what’s ahead of you,” said CHP Officer Adam Egelston. “It’s a slick road. You need to decrease your speed to go through it safety.”

Local residents in the area echoed the officer’s sentiments, noting the difficulty in successfully navigating the transition. “This interchange is a nightmare when it isn’t raining so I cannot say I am remotely surprised,” said one bystander on the scene.

As the rains begin to fall more steadily and persistently, it is important that drivers adjust their driving habits accordingly. Speeds should be reduced, and roadway maneuvers taken more gradually to ensure that traction is not lost, introducing the threat of serious accidents.

Unfortunately, those drivers who do take the appropriate precautions to keep safe in wet conditions are still susceptible to accidents resulting from the negligence of others. Damages inflicted can cost thousands of dollars and months of time to repair.

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